Kaden Schwind

Klamath Falls, OR

My name is Kaden Schwind and I am 19. I was born and raised in Klamath Falls Oregon. I'm currently attending Oregon Institute of Technology here in Klamath to try and get a bachelors in radiological science. I graduated from our local high school as a honors student and the top ten in my class. When my parents split it was in some way a blessing because it brought my stepfather into the picture and I give him all the credit for teaching me and getting me addicted to hunting. He's gotten me my first deer, elk, waterfowl and turkey and I cannot thank him enough. I have been hunting birds since the age of seven thanks to my stepfather getting me into it. I remember going out with my him and taking my Red Ryder and trying to get any bird I could. Since then I have been addicted ever since. Family, friends, hunting and of course my dog are what I hold dearest.