Kyle Switzer

Columbus, GA

My name is Kyle Switzer, I am 25, and I was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. I played four years of college baseball and have a four-year Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science where I graduated from William Woods University located in Fulton, Missouri. God, Family, and the outdoors are the three most important things in my life. My love for the outdoors began when my mom married my stepfather who was and is still an avid hunter. I remember shooting my first deer when I was 10, my first duck when I was 15, and my first turkeys when I was 14 like they happened yesterday. When I was 14, my stepdad had taken me on an afternoon hunt on our lease when he called on top of a hill where shortly after, we heard a gobble close by and sat down. Next thing I knew, a big fat red headed gobbler came walking up and I put the bead on him and squeezed the trigger. Little did we know, when we got to the bird, a second gobbler was on the ground dead also which gave me two gobblers in one shot for my first turkeys. After that day, my love for the outdoors was set in stone. To this day, I try to pass along what I have learned in all types of hunting and there is nothing better than being outdoors with friends and family.