Kendall Dosch

Aberdeen, SD

Hi I'm Kendall Dosch. I'm from Aberdeen, South Dakota in the heart of waterfowl territory up here. I'm 22 years old and just out of college. I've worked in the Ag Industry with a larger cooperative in our region since i was 19. Ever since I was young I loved to hunt; deer, pheasants, coyotes, foxes, if it was around I'd go after it. My obession for waterfowl started when a big flood came and I would sit in our stock damn to shoot ducks. As highschool and college went on, a few friends and I started buying a decoy spread and trailers and have hunted hard whenever we could. The passion and obsession even led to us starting up a small duck call business where we make and use our own calls. We have used Patternmaster for quite a while now, there is a night and day difference between a gun with a choke tube on vs one without. We love the killing power of them, the fewer cripples the better in my opinion.