Brandon Snyder

Bloomington, IN

I was born and raised in Upstate New York and have been hunting since I can remember. I joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and have lived in several different states in which I've had the opportunities to experience some of the best hunting this land has to offer. To me, the outdoors provides a calmness to the every day commotion. Hunting has always been one of my favorite activities because of the challenges. It is not given to you. You must earn it and respect it. From learning the land, and the animals, to the weather, and all the other variables that go into being successful, it is a sense of accomplishment like no other. Every morning in a duck blind reminds me why I do it all. Its not all about the trophy or amount of ducks you kill, rather its about enjoying God's creation and all the wonderful things about it. It's the precious time spent with friends and family that will create memories that last a life time.


Duck and Goose