Kurt Boyd

La Grande, OR

Kurt is 20 years old and was raised in the beautiful North Eastern Oregon, which is home to some of the best hunting, fishing and beautiful views in Oregon. North Eastern Oregon is an extremely beautiful place to harvest any trophy and Kurt loves spending time in the outdoors in his area. In the spring and summer time you will find Kurt chasing Rio Grandes and fly fishing Oregon, Idaho and Washington with Generation Wild. Generation Wild is a non profit organization with a educational club structure for kids to get outside and spend time in the outdoors. After summer fall comes and Kurt will be chasing big bulls and mule deer in the Blues and whitetails in the Washington section of the Blue Mountains. His favorite time of the year is winter because fly fishing for steelhead on the the very popular Grande Ronde and Wallowa River begins to heat up and chasing mallards and large honkers in the valley is an absolute blast. He started out tagging along on hunts with his brother when he was 6, but once he could get his hands on a gun he was out in the duck blind every weekend. Since then Kurt has been scouting and chasing waterfowl 365 days a year. Some people say it's unhealthy to be addicted to something but those people haven't witnessed bright orange feet during a January thaw. Kurt works full time and is also a full time student attending Walla Walla Community College studying Fisheries and Watershed Ecology. After Walla Walla he plans to transfer to a four year school and go forward with both Fisheries and Watershed Ecology.