Chet Veillon

Lake Charles, LA

I was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and currently work as a salesman for a construction supply company. Hunting and fishing is a large part of many people's lives in this area and mine is no different. Began waterfowl hunting with my dad and harvested my first duck around age 5. Ever since I shot that blue-winged teal in the decoys with a crack barrel .410 my obsession has continued to grow. We spend our spring and summers salt water fishing in our local lakes, but as soon as September rolls around and brings early teal season with it our concentration shifts to waterfowl. I've been lucky enough to be able to hunt multiple states every season and love that I'm able to chase ducks and specklebellies across Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas with great friends and family. I began using a Patternmaster tube about 6 seasons ago and became a noticeably better bird hunter because of it. It is one of the hunting tools I recommend to everyone no matter if you're just getting into hunting or have been your whole life.