Greg Lewis

Oshkosh, WI

My name is Greg Lewis. Im 21 years old and was born and raised in central wisconsin. I grew up hunting, fishing and spending as much time as i could in the outdoors. My love for waterfowl hunting began at a young age, and i credit my family with encouraging my passion from then to now. I spend much of the year doing things that revolve around my passion for waterfowl hunting. From traveling, exploring new areas to hunt and scouting my spots where i plan to make'em drop. I love hunting waterfowl anywhere, weather it be in a cut corn field or on a big lake or river. But nothing will beat hunting over water to me. Especially later in the season, breaking open your hole in the ice when everything is froze up. Waterfowl hunting is what i live for. I love seeing those birds cupped up with their feet out landing in your spread after all the time and hard work it took to get to that point. Its literally on my mind all the time and cant get enough of it.