Jimmy Reszke

Bolingbrook, IL

My name is Jimmy Reszke, I am 25, and from Bolingbrook, Illinois. My passion in life is chasing waterfowl. I shot my first goose when I was 10 and have been hooked every since. All thanks goes to my father because without him I would never find something that ultimately become so involved with. My family and I run our local Ducks Unlimited chapter, so always busy doing something waterfowl related. With my work schedule I am lucky enough to hunt every day during season. And when I say every day, I really do mean that. From October through January, I am either in a boat or a field. I have no preference, where the birds are at is where you will find me. Honkers feet down, to Greenheads locked up, to divers buzzing by, youl always see a Patternmaster in my shotgun. Besides hunting waterfowl, I’ve gotten into taking their pictures. Photography is just another way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the off season. Thank you Patternmaster for this amazing opportunity.