Rodney Breeding

Dayton, TN

I am from a small town located on the banks of the Tennessee River located in Southeast Tennessee. I grew up fishing and small game hunting with my grandfather and father which ingrained my passion for the outdoors. As a result, I pursued and received a bachelor's degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Management with a minor in Forestry from the University of Tennessee and became a Conservationist for a living. During my time in college I was introduced to big game hunting by friends and more importantly, turkey hunting. I still remember my first morning sitting at the bottom of a ridge next to a field and hearing the thunder of gobbles across the ridge as light came upon us. I was forever hooked from that moment and always look forward to spring turkey hunting! Other than turkey hunting in the spring, you can find me on the lake fishing for bass and crappie, deer hunting in the fall, and on the occasional duck or crane hunt in the winter. I enjoy sharing my outdoor experiences with others and look forward to introducing my son and daughter in the coming years!