Patternmaster Logo Frequently Asked Questions

A. Patternmaster's newest innovation, introduced in May 2013!!! Not all hunters prefer a short shot string. Therefore, Patternmaster designed the Anaconda tubes to offer a slightly longer shot string with a twist! The Anaconda tubes have a combination of constriction and coils (Internal chambers)! The "Coil Zone" is a negative twist continuous chamber within the tube that puts a strangle hold on gasses wrapping them around the wad to produce an even, consistent pattern. Anaconda tubes are available in Short, Mid, and Long range as well as the "STRIKER" for Turkey. Available where Patternmaster tubes are sold!
A: Patternmaster and Ballistics Performance, LLC has put the tubes through an enormous amount of testing. We have found that ammunition running faster than 1550fps will not perform as well as slower ammunition. Patternmaster tubes, with the patented stud ring, are designed to grab the base of the plastic wad in your ammo and hold it for a millisecond while the shot leaves the barrel ahead of the wad. When ammo is running faster than 1550fps, the studs do not get a chance to engage on the plastic wad, therefore, making them useless.
A: Yes, Patternmaster Beretta Optima Plus/Benelli M2, SBE II choke will interchange with your new Benelli Vinci. Please refer to the TUBEFINDER at for more information.
A: We do not recommend shooting slugs through Patternmaster tubes. One exception may be the Patternmaster Anaconda Short Range.
A: Patternmaster tubes have the tightest patterns when the patented studs have contact with the base of the plastic wad in your ammo and the front of the wad is flush with the front of the tube. The exterior portion of the tube encompasses the plastic wad, not allowing it to open. Using this concept, shooting a 3” or 3 1/2" shell through an EXTENDED tube will display approximately the same full pattern. But, shooting a 3" or 3 ½” shell through a LONG range tube, because the tube is 1/2" shorter out the end of the barrel, the 3" shells will throw a full pattern but 3 1/2" shells will show more of a modified pattern.
A: The Stoeger 2000 interchanges with Patternmaster Benelli/Beretta Mobilechoke. (Please refer to the TUBEFINDER at for more info) For this application, Patternmaster 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile EXTENDED or Patternmaster 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobile Code Black GOOSE. (full pattern, recommend for use outside 40 yards) using 3" or 3 1/2" shells. If you are hunting close or over decoy, Patternmaster 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobilechoke SHORT range or Code Black DECOY. (improved/modified pattern for use inside 40 yards).
A: I am not sure which Patternmaster tube you are using EXTENDED, LONG, or SHORT range. EXTEDNED and LONG range Patternmaster tubes are recommend for use beyond 40 yards. SHORT range Patternmaster tubes are for over decoy or inside 40 yards. Patternmaster tubes are compatible with all types of ammunition, Lead, Steal, or other Non-toxic shot. Patternmaster does not recommend using slug or ammunition with flight control wad in the tubes with a patented stud ring.
A: Patternmaster Invector Plus will fit both guns. If you purchase a LONG range tube you will see full patterns with 3" shells and modified patterns with 3 1/2" shells. EXTENDED Patternmaster tubes will throw a full pattern with both lengths of shells. SHORT range Patternmaster chokes will throw an improved/modified pattern. All of the tubes I mentioned will fit either Browning Invector Plus shotgun you described.
A: YES! Your Browning 10ga will interchange with Patternmaster Browning 10ga EXTENDED. For the Remington 1187 the Patternmaster 12ga Remington EXTENDED. Both tubes will reach distances of 70 yards. For 3 ½ inch shells you need the Patternmaster Invector Plus EXTENDED or Patternmaster Code Black GOOSE. Patternmaster always welcomes new dealers, please call 877-388-2259 to begin the set-up!
A: Yes, Patternmaster Baikal MP-153 Code Black GOOSE or Code Black DUCK! I would recommend CODE BLACK GOOSE for turkey hunting!
A: Yes, the Franchi shotgun takes the same tube as the Patternmaster 12ga Benelli/Beretta Mobilechoke. (I-12 typically takes a Crio tube) Please refer to the TUBEFINDER at for more information.
A: Patternmaster tubes are unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days (with receipt) when purchased directly from If you purchase from one of our vendors you will have to abide by their return policy. We want you to be happy. Buy the choke, shoot it, pattern it, if you do not love it, return the tube for a refund or replace it with another tube. For more information please call 1-877-388-2259.
A: Due to the twist on ammo when it hits the patented Patternmaster stud ring, there may be a loosening of the tube. We recommend using white Teflon plumbers/pipe tape on the threads before installation or your favorite brand of tube lube.
A: Patternmaster Classic and Code Black tubes are not a constriction tube so the ammunition recommendations do not apply. Patternmaster chokes have been tested and works extremely well with Hevi-Shot.
A: Any brand of buckshot works well with the Patternmaster. Due to the patented stud ring it is necessary that the ammo has a plastic wad. (Some brands of 00 Buck has cardboard wads and don't tend to perform to plastic wad level)
A: Please see our Dealer Locator at Please contact your local dealer for inventory information.