Kyle Rice

Owensboro, KY

For 15 plus years, I have been waterfowl hunting. The thrill of the hunt, the camaraderie of friends and family in the blind, and the beauty of being in nature continue to engage my passion for this sport. The stories and memories made, especially with my dad, make the cold mornings worth every minute. I live in a rural area between the banks of the Ohio River and the Green River, so those are my main sources for waterfowl. In addition, most years we have quite a bit of backwater that allow me to hunt timber. Over the last several years, I have begun hunting turkey and coyote. I’m always looking for a new challenge and have found excitement in these new adventures. Another layer to my hunting story began about 4 years ago. I found a need for high-quality rigs that could withstand the toughest hunting conditions. I designed and produced a decoy rig system that is unique and extremely durable. Kuttem Decoy Systems was born. Through this, I have met new hunters and heard new stories from around the country. Hunting is not only my hobby, but also a major part of who I am.


Waterfowl, Turkey, Predator