Kyle Robertson

San Luis Obispo, CA

My name is Kyle Robertson and I am from California. I work full-time as an engineer in a manufacturing facility, but my true passion is waterfowl hunting. As a kid I began hunting ducks with my grandpa on our family property near the Butte Sink of California and immediately was hooked. There’s nothing like spending quality time with family and friends in the great outdoors creating memories that last a lifetime. In my teen years I was introduced to Specklebelly hunting and since then they have been my focus. To me there’s nothing more challenging or rewarding than getting Specks to commit. I still hunt ducks regularly though. One of my greatest joys is introducing my friends to hunting and seeing the excitement on their face when birds start dropping into the spread. I’m currently engaged to an amazing woman who also shares a passion for the outdoors and I look forward to sharing this great tradition with our future kids.