Patternmaster Stars and Stripes Tube

Patternmaster Stars and Stripes Limited Edition! It's NOT a dip or paint... It's Cerakote! We will only build 500. Each will be numbered and you'll be able to have a name engraved on the tube. We will offer it in Ext. Range only. The Patternmaster Stars and Stripes Tube will be built to order and delivered in a custom wooden box. We will cut off orders at 500 or June 1st whichever comes first.

Price: $125

Benelli/Beretta Owners - Please click here before purchasing.



What Do You Want Engraved on Your Tube? (20 character limit)

I understand that the Patternmaster Stars and Stripes tube is not titanium coated. Therefore, I must remember to oil and clean this tube whenever I oil and clean my gun.

I understand that these tubes are custom made and therefore no returns or exchanges can be made.

Because Stars and Stripes tubes are custom built for you, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.